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Created 03 January 2006
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Kids & Kats

Kids & Kats

We have talked about getting the kids a dog for the longest time. My eldest being, had been asking and my daughter, a bit shy around dogs. As much as I am a golden retriever person, it seemed we kept putting off getting a dog. In June of 2000, this fact did not go unnoticed and a change was in the wind.

With the adoption of Sassy, or should I say, her adopting us, life in the Stinson Family has been anything but boring. Upon Sassy staking a claim to our home, we found out that she was pregnant. There was much excitement as this was a first for us, and Sassy's kittens would go on to have kittens on their own. Every cat depicted in this site is family and is either a kitten or "grand-kitten" to Sassy.

For the litters, we will show pictures of the first 12 weeks. By that time, most of the kittens have either been given new homes or are busy exploring ours. After that, we will make a page for each cat. You can either use the side-buttons for each individual or simply step through the site.

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